Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Peek-a-Boo Preview Countdown (Tee-hee)

Okay ladies. As you've probably noticed, due to my lack of posting... I have been extremely busy. (As we all have due to the Holidays) But for me, it is not just the Holidays that has me extremely dysfunctional (LOL), I have been so busy working with my artists, structuring my design team and method's of release, so I can finally give everyone a set date. I have not yet determined an exact date yet, although it will most likely be sometime in February, Fingers crossed!

The images that I am focusing on are Valentine's Day related, although they are versatile enough to be used for an "I Love You" card or a card to just say you care. Then I also have a few other stamps that are for everyday use. I can barely wait to show them to you all.......TRUST ME!!! It's killing me to have to wait, just as bad as you want to see them.....I want to show you! I can only say with my sincere confidence that the product I will release will be of great quality. Blessings to you all! Only 13 days left until the Peek-A-Boo Preview! : )


  1. Oh I'm so excited to see your stamps....I will be waiting....Hugs Kristina

  2. Can't wait for release date . . . I know everyone will love your stamps! Big Hugz to you . . . Cami

  3. Really beautiful and adorable images! Can't wait until they are released. Keep us posted.


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