Sunday, June 28, 2009


Hello everyone. This morning I received an email from one of my friends letting me know that someone is using the name "Inky Impression" on Ebay to sell stamps. As you know, we are "Inky Impressions" with an S. They are selling stamps from other companies & we want to inform you all that this is not our company, nor is it an affiliate of our company. Inky Impressions soley engages in the manufacturing and sales of "our own product". Any other product that is being sold under the Inky Impression (s) name is that of another person and is being done without the permission of Inky Impressions Rubber Stamps.

Please note: We have had the opportunity to contact Ebay & we are currently in the process of researching this now. Hope you are all having a great weekend. HUGS! Nicole : )


  1. OH no!! Sorry to hear this. It's a great big world out there and this is bound to happen a lot? Well, Hope it gets worked out very soon.
    *Inky* Hugs,

  2. wanted to put up a post to let everyone know how very sorry I am for the confusion caused by my using the eBay seller name Inkyimpression. When I started selling on eBay as Inkyimpression last month I did not realize that there was a stamp company with the name of Inky Impressions, I just thought I was using a cute and catchy name. Last night a friend of mine emailed me after reading Nicole’s blog. Thank goodness she made me aware of this, as it was not my intent to use anyone else’s business name or anything close to it. I will be closing that account as soon as my present auctions are done and sincerely apologize for the mistake. I do want to say that it was an absolute pleasure to talk to Nicole, and have someone handle a sticky situation with the utmost maturity and understanding. I predict someone of this caliber will only have the greatest success in her business and wish her the best.

  3. Hi Nicole,
    I just popped by to thank you for the lovely comment that you left for me on my blog. i am so honoured that you should think this way about my cards.. i am glad that you like what i created with one of your super cute images, but to be honest the image did all the work for me..
    the stamps aren't only sweet but they are a dream to ink and are of fantastic quality.

    Reading the above comment it sounds like the use of your buisness name on ebay has been resolved.. so pleased for you..
    big hugs Rachxx


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