Saturday, September 24, 2011

Nestie Tutorial

Hiya Eveyone, Joey here, with my First Inky Inspirational Post, there are many different tutorials out there and its hard to find one that hasnt already been done! I think thats the beauty of our Craft Land, that we can find tutorials in different formats and different examples and it gels, so hopefully this may help someone :) so I decided on a Nestie Tutorial and just to show you the way I do it really :)
There are a few piccys :)
 1) First off start decide on the image you want to use and colour her up, I have used Lilis Present and you can get her HERE
 2) Position the nestie around the image where you want to cut her, I use low tack masking tape to hold it in place, I usually gage from this where my cuts will be, but you can draw a faint line just around the nestie if you prefer
 3) Then I cut into the image just above the line of where the nestie will cut
 4) Then I place the nestie back over it in the position I want and tack it down, the nestie sits under the cuts you have just made
 I have showed you the back just so you can see how it slides through the cuts,
5) Then you run it through your Die Cutting Machine
 Here is the back of the image and the front :)
I hope this was useful for you
Thanks for Stopping By the Inky Inspriation Blog Today :)
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  1. Wonderful tutorial Joey, thanks for all the details.

  2. Thanks Joey for this tut.
    Sue xx

  3. What a great tutorial Joey! I have seen these done more recently and just LOVE theme! Great to finally know how they work!


  4. Thanks Joey you are brilliant.So easy to follow


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