Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Coloring hair and clothing with copics

Today I am going to show you how I colored the hair and jacket for this adorable stamp: Angelica's Sled from Inky Impressions
DP is Basic Grey Green at Heart also available from
Inky Impressions

Copics used for dark brown hair:
1. First I use my darkest shade E29 for the center part. Then so I have a guide for the highlights I add my lightest shade E31 to the parts of her hair that might catch the light.
2. I go back and add E29 my darkest color to the tips of hair.
3. I then fill in with my medium shade E25.
4. I use my lightest shade E31 and go from dark to light by doing that I blend the dark to the lightest shade.
5. I go back and add touch ups to the crown and end points with my E29. And again blend it all with my E31 working dark to light.
Colors for jacket:
6. I start with my darkest color RB25 and outline my jacket so that I have a center light source. I find this is the easiest way for me to color.
7. Next i go over the RV25 with RV13 to blend those two colors.

8. With the lightest shade RV10, again I work from dar to light and fill in the jacket.
9. I did the same thing with the headband. Darkest color RV25 at the ends.
10. Then I fill in with the RV10.
Here is the finished card.
Stay tuned for more tutorials.
Next time I will do skin and objects.


  1. I love your step-by-step guide.. I really struggle with hair and this will be very helpful. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. Hugs, Peggy

  2. Oh wow Joni, what a fabulous tutorial on hair coloring. You blend these shades so beautifully, and your overall card is just too cute! Great post!


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