Friday, February 10, 2012

Box Card

Hello everyone, today I bring you a special little box card (made this card for my Mum's Birthday). It very simple to make, let me show you how. First take a look at the box I have made.

Above is the front of the box. I have used kraft card to make the box then ink all the edges.

Above is the front & one of the sides of the box. I have placed a pearl (from Inky Impressions store) on each of the butterflies.

When you take the lid off the sides fall down to reveal what is in side the box (above). In my box it just happens to be Ice Skating Rachel on her very own ice skating ring.

I have cut out a circle place it on pop dots then used mod podge for the look of the ring with glitter in it. Then I have used some small roses to edge around it.

To make it extra special I have left the ends of the pattern paper open for pockets and made some tags to put in them. They all have something extra special stamps on them. I have also cut out flower shapes in each tag and place a small pearl ( from Inky Impressions store) in each to make the centre of the flower.

Now its time to show you how to make the box.

Step 1. Mark out nine square 10cm x 10cm as above. Now cut out the four corner squares (see below).

Step 2. Fold up your sides (see below).

Step 3. How to make the lid measure up a square 14cm x 14cm. Now come in 2cm all the the way around from the edge (as below). This should leave you a 10cm x 10cm square in the middle (below).

Step 4. Cut in 2cm were I have mark the crosses (above & below) to make tabs so you can stick it all together .

Step 5. Now fold (as above) and stick together (as below).

Step 6. Now put the lid on the box (as below). Well done you have now made a box card. Now all you have to do is dress it.

I hope you like my special little box card and that I have inspired you to make your own. Why not use a Inky Impressions stamp in yours as well (Inky Impressions store)...

All the best


  1. This is so beautiful kerry and I would love to have a go at one. i'll let you know how it turns out
    x catherine

  2. Wow, this is totally stunning. Hugs lin

  3. STUNNING to say the least! YOU GO GIRL!!! AWESOME!!! Your creations are always outta this world! INKY HUGS! Nicole :)

  4. This is amazing Kerry! Absolutely gorgeous!

  5. I simply love this project and your step by step tutorial is amazing! Great job!

  6. what size box dose this make?


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