Thursday, April 19, 2012

A New Time Waster!

I admit it ... I'm obsessed.

I can waste more time on the computer than anyone I know. Between Splitcoast Stampers, Facebook and e-mail, time just slips away. Sadly, there is a NEW site that has grabbed my fancy and it's called Pinterest.

Many of you are probably thinking, why would you waste time on the computer when there are gardens to hoe and trails to hike. You are right of course, BUT, if you have a free moment ... check it out. You can find recipes, ideas for your dream craft room, stamps, design team members, card sketches and amazing cards. The great thing is that all the fantastic pictures link right back to the original sites. Not only do you have a picture of a great lemon torte ... you can click it and GET the recipe for the cake.

Today is P-day (pinterest day) at my house. I made THIS card from a sketch on my page AND I'm making dinner comprised ENTIRELY of pinterest recipes. It will either be a fantastic meal or a dismal failure! Exciting and unknown.


  1. I just discovered Pinterest myself and I admit... it IS addicting!

  2. Don't know if I dare - I haven't got much more time to waste on top of my already wasted time!- love that cute little girl and her bunny! hugs Judith x

  3. Very sweet card and Pinterest is something I have stayed completely away from...I hear its addictive and I spend enough time on the tfs


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