Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Hiya all Carrie here this morning with a spot of doodling!!

Now when I make cards I love to just doodle round the edges and people always comment on it so I thought I would try and show you how I do it!!

So I start with my Layout

Then I get my pen - today its a letraset 0.3 but as long as it's fine there is no problems..

Then I doodle...
There is no specific pattern - in fact the first set I kind of like to go a bit wobbly lol

and I just go round each piece of paper. I also find it better to do it now rather than at the end in case you add ribbon or embellies 

Then once I have gone the whole way round I go back over the doodles with (hopefully) straight lines so it almost looks like double stitching

And then you pop it all together and here is my end result!!

This is Cutie Pie Angelica and you can get her here
and the sentiment is from here

So see..... not that scary at all.. so why don't you give it a try???


  1. Love your doodling,Carrie. It ties the the design with the rest of your beautiful card.
    Michaela xx

  2. Oh this is so pretty Carrie :) you old doodler ;) LOL

    hugss Ria


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