Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mummy Card Tutorial

Again here, I'm Cristina.
There are many versions of this mummy card, but if you have never done, I leave a small, fast and simple tutorial.

We need:
a piece of black cardstock 9 inches by 4 1/2
two pieces of cardstock orange 4 by 4 inches
12 strips of half-inch white paper for 4 1/2
two eyes 
two pieces of black cardstock, one-inch circle.
Disstres black and brown ink.
A die corner optional. Scissors and glue.
Inky Impressions digital stamp: Happy Halloween pennant.

 The orange cardstock pieces, rounding the edges.
After inking with black distress ink.

 I fold the piece of black cardstock in half.
Also rounding the edges.

 Stick inside black cardstock, one piece of orange.

 The strips of white paper.
I'm going to ink with brown sides, to give it an old dressing.

 When all the strips have inked, let's stick on orange cardstock that remains.
Strips placed horizontally, leaving a small triangle at the top, where you see the orange background.

Needless two strips of paper, put cross on the rest.

 When we all glued white strips. Turn the piece and cut what it excels.
Round the edges.

 Now stick it on the card.
Will the outside.

 I used two different sized moving eyes.
Stick to a piece of black paper (circle one inch).
You can leave and cut around the eye or smaller, as I have done.

Eyes stick the front of the card. Right in the orange piece before I left.

And finally this little mummy ornament with a banner.
I have used three times, two small and one larger, on a piece of orange cardstock.
Finally a bit of twine on the flags and is now complete.

Very simple to make your own lovely mummy Halloween card.

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