Sunday, June 17, 2012

Copic Skin and hair Tutorial

Today I have another tutorial on coloring skin and hair using only two copics for each.

First I am going to use YR21 and Y28 for the hair.

 1. First I flick YR21, my lightest shade where I want to add highlights.

 2. Next I go in and flick Y28 where I want my darker color, along the roots and ends of hair.I
 3. I blend YR21 over Y28.

 4. I add Y28 to the ends of hair.

 5. i go back and flick YR21, leaving some white spots for highlights.


6. I darken the roots and ends with Y28 and blend with YR21.

For the skin I am going to use YR000 and E02.


First I white wash the skin with the lightest shade YR000.

Then I flick in E02 along the sides of face, under the face and just below her shorts on her legs
I add some R02 to the sides of her face and will blend with YR000.
Here is the final card.

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  1. Beautiful card, love the colours. Love the butterflies charms so cute.


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