Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How to Add Charms!

Good Morning all! Today I get to share with you an Inky project or tutorial and I have decided to share with you how I add our fabulous Inky Charms to my creations. Be sure to check out our Charming Blog Hop too, there is still time to hop and comment so you are eligible for our offered prize!
For my card I used the super cute Tu Tu Cute Lili, but she just didn't seem finished so I decided that she needs a charm too! For adding charms to any of my creations I use several methods, but my favorite is to use jump hoops to add a charm. For this you will need:
-pair of pliers
-2 jump hoops (I used two different sizes but the same size works
-1 charm
-some creativity!
Holding one of the jump rings with your pliers and one hand twist the jump ring (this takes a bit of practice). Once it is open you can slide the other jump ring onto the first one and close the first jump ring (in this case I closed the smaller one and added the larger one to it).Now holding the larger jump ring again twist it using one hand and your pliers. Once the larger jump hoop is open add your charm to the larger jump ring. Keeping your larger jump ring open slide it though your bow. Once the jump ring is successfully looped through your bow center use your pliers to close the large jump ring and there you have it! All done! You now have added a cute charm to your card!Thank you for stopping by today, I do hope that you learned something! Have a fabulous day!


  1. love the colours you've used for this card Jackie - as for the inky charms - I'm adicted - but I can't bring myself to use them they're just so gorgeous - can you do another tutorial on how to part with your Inky charms lol x

  2. Jackie, your card is so pretty. The Inky charm is the perfect addition.

  3. Lovely card Jackie. Thanyou for the tutorial. Hugs Sheila.x


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